Vacuum Excavation with a Qualified Electrical Tradesman

Efficiency through Expertise


Service Locations

Vacuum excavated a trench through existing underground services to install an electrical conduit.

Locating underground assets, such as electricity, gas, fibre optic, etc, can be difficult even with up to date records. By using our services, we can excavate the ground exposing all underground assets, while protecting their integrity.

Excavation, Trenching and Pole Holes

Vacuum excavation around live electrical services, including Live High and Low Voltage cables.

Using Vacuum Excavation, also known as Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), we can excavate, trench and pot-hole in any location knowing that any underground asset will be safe from damage. Some sites only allow NDD, as the risk from traditional excavation cannot be mitigated any other way.

Tunnelling under Driveways, Footpaths, Trees, etc

Tunnel bored under a driveway to install conduits.

By using Hydrovac technology, we have the ability to tunnel-bore under driveways, footpaths, trees and other structures for the installation of conduits or other equipment.

Additional Services

Assisting Ergon Energy (EnergyQ) with power pole installation. Service location and earth trenching.

There are many ways in which vacuum excavation can be utilised. Our Vactruck or sucker truck can be used for roping conduits, cleaning out pits and trenches, and even assisting with power pole installation. We can customise our services to your needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Overhead Linesman

Electrical Linesman work on Energex's (EnergyQ) 33kV and 11kV overhead system in Ripley, Ipswich. IWG

Brad worked for many years as a Linesman for Ergon Energy; working his way to becoming a Work Crew Leader of a Live Line Crew. He also has many year experience on the Energex overhead system and has a current IWG qualification. 

Energex S3 Key Access and Safety Observing

Energex S3 Key Access and Safety Observing for building construction or maintenance.

Brad is issued with an Energex S3 key. This allows access to substation rooms in unit blocks, large commercial buildings etc, where these rooms must be maintained by the building owner to ensure the continuity of electricity supply. This access can also be utilised by electrical contractors who require access during construction or maintenance where an S3 Key is required. 

About Us

Owner/ Operator

Pacific Coast Hydrovac Services Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated business. Brad, the owner/ operator, started in the electricity industry in 1998 with NORQEB. He is a qualified Electrical Fitter/ Mechanic, Overhead Linesman and Underground Jointer, who has utilised Hydrovac technology throughout his career. Brad is qualified to work on the Energex and Ergon overhead and underground systems, meaning he is authorised to work in exclusion zones using safe systems of work. Pacific Coast Hydrovac values safety, efficiency and high quality workmanship; leading to client satisfaction and best value for money.

Why use Hydrovac

When excavating, damaging an underground asset such as electrical cables, fibre optic cables, high pressure gas and other underground services can not only be highly expensive, but extremely dangerous. By using Pacific Coast Hydrovac Services Pty Ltd, you can rest easy that the job will be done by a qualified tradesman ensuring high safety standards and cost efficiency. 

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